Dec. 30, 2020

Healthy Life Changes for 2021 - S2 Ep12

Healthy Life Changes for 2021 - S2 Ep12

Hello Beautiful and welcome back! This week we spend our last time together before we step into another new year bringing 10 healthy habits to try to incorporate this new year. A new "Spill the Tea" submission as well as discussing our holidays. We hope you enjoy it!

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9:00 - Spill The Tea

12:55 - Girl Boss

14:13 - Sis Are You Ok?

18:53 - Healthy Life Changes for 2021

Welcome to The Single Black Female Podcast hosted by sisters and best friends, Shannen & Zhene' ! Shannen is a full time nursing student who has her own small business on the side and Zhene' is a female entrepreneur who created a line of skin care and beauty products. As well as a full time mommy raising an amazing little girl. Our show isn't just about being a woman of color. It's much more. It's a place for friends to gather, share their thoughts and ideas, and not worry about being judged. Our goal isn't to create hate or anger, but rather be the comforting source for all people, black or white, man or women, to talk about what's going on in life.

Focused on a variety of topics including current events, our personal experiences & sharing advice, mental health, and hosting guests from time to time. Come hang out with us every Wednesday!

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