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Love how vulnerable and real this is!!

Absolute Fav!!

I just love how real and raw they are. They cover so many topics and they keep my engaged the entire time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

If I had 3 hands it would get 3 thumbs up.

Every week they get better and better. Big fan.

Amazing podcast

This is an incredible podcast!! Listen and you won’t be disappointed—it definitely exceeded any expectations!

This is great

I will listen until we’re all old and gray.


I LOVE listening to you both and like the relationship you have with each other. I've learned allot from listening to your podcast, and appreciate how you both keep it 100 which is rare and very welcoming.

5 Stars

Love this podcast! Great information and humorous whenever the situation permits. Keep the episodes coming !!!

This gives me life

You women are great together and I look forward to listening every week. If the conversations are like this for the public I wish I could be a fly on the wall for a dinner table conversation. Very cool.


Great information, you both vibe so well together.